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Cheap uPVC windows to reduce your energy bills

Experts suggest energy bills are to rise even more in the future and cheap uPVC windows could be crucial to ensuring you don’t pay too much annually. According to British Gas we could see energy price hikes in the months leading up to December and the Government’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions will have a [...]


Double glaze or triple glaze your windows?

The UK’s fuel prices have continued to rise over the years and one of the only ways to cut bills is to double glaze your windows. Double glazing has proved hugely popular over the years, especially with families struggling to pay their energy bills. And some companies have been urging homeowners to go one step [...]


Green Deal grants must be a win-win for customers

Experts have warned the Government that for their flagship scheme to succeed, Green Deal grants must be made a win-win situation for customers. Executive Director Richard McCarthy, from Capita Symonds says the scheme is destined to fail by just relying on a few calculations and ‘finger crossing’. McCarthy’s comments came at the Base London conference [...]


A rated double glazing champions energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a big part of the UK’s property market now and A rated double glazing is a crucial way to improve your home insulation. More and more homeowners are keen to make their property as environmentally friendly as possible with double glazing, loft lagging and boiler replacements. And A rated double glazing is [...]


Green Deal business: More details revealed

The Green Deal, which is the Government’s flagship energy efficiency programme, will help to insulate properties which are paying out far too much on energy bills. With the cost of gas and electricity on the rise, more families are facing expensive charges. Reports suggest that millions of homes in Britain don’t have the basic insulation [...]


Double glazing quotes: What you need to know

Industry experts have advised that comparing prices from national and local double glazing suppliers is the perfect way of ensuring high customer satisfaction and the best possible deal. The national survey reported that independent, local companies come out on top in their customer satisfaction poll. Consumer watchdog Which? report that some national double glazing companies [...]


How to get the most from Green Deal offers

The Government’s flagship scheme is just months away and will offer homeowners a way to upgrade their property’s efficiency, but how can you make the most from Green Deal offers? The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) say that they still need more time to iron out some of the creases, despite the scheme [...]


Ed Davey talks up Green Deal accreditation

The Green Deal accreditation scheme has been talked up in the North East, with Climate Secretary Ed Davey keen to support the upcoming October launch. The Government Minister was attending an Energy Awareness Day in Newcastle, which was intended to help local energy efficiency providers interact with the public and promote the benefits of keeping [...]


Double glazed units will help escape rising energy bills

Despite the country’s recession and many energy consumers already struggling to pay their bills, experts have warned that electricity bills will again increase, making double glazed units essential for every homeowner. Bills are set to rise in order to fund the Government’s clean energy drive which will cost billions of pounds and cut the UK’s [...]


Which companies will be a Green Deal provider?

The Government’s flagship energy scheme is set for an October launch and the Department of Energy and Climate Change have recently disclosed details of those who will be a Green Deal provider. Although the Green Deal will grant loans to homeowners for energy efficient upgrades, you could be paying back more than you can afford. [...]