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Double Glazing Process

The Dreaded Double Glazing Contract

Contrary to popular belief, buying double glazing doesn?t have to be the fearful process many people expect it to be. Keep a level head; don?t be rushed, above all find a reliable installer and it should all be a piece of cake! However, just to nudge the score in your favour, here is a list [...]


Silicone Sealants for Aluminium, Wooden and uPVC Windows

Sealants are great at preventing the penetration of noise, dust, air and gas and are usually used to fill in small openings. Typically, sealants are used for concrete and drywall, but are just as effective with other materials such as uPVC. Fundamentally, no single silicone type should be used for everything. The problem is, their [...]


Tips When Buying Double Glazing

So you?ve taken the first step and expressed an interest in researching double glazed windows, but where can you get the best information?? What types of double glazing units are best suited to your needs, what are double glazing costs and how should you obtain a quote from suppliers and installers? Follow the link to [...]


Keep Calm and Window Shop

I know it?s easier said than done, but if you are considering installing new windows in your home, don?t be pressured by double glazing salesmen trying to offer you a great deal. Take your time, do a little research, have a look at online showrooms and take a stroll around the local area; quite literally [...]


Double Glazed Windows – When to Buy!

Homes without double glazed windows could be losing up to 50% of heat loss through their windows alone and that?s with the windows closed! This adds up to a staggering ?135 per year for an average household, that?s around 720kg of CO2. No one can argue with the obvious financial and environmental benefits of double [...]