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Benefits of Double Glazing

Double glazing to save homeowners more than ever in 2012

Double glazing can save homeowners more money on their energy bills than ever before, as 2012 is ready to pick up from where 2011 left off. Last year gas and electricity prices rose to their highest ever price, leaving many more homeowners in fuel poverty and struggling to pay their energy bills. Experts are suggesting [...]


Double glazing and how it affects your energy bills

When you’re looking to insulate your home and reduce energy bills, double glazing should spring to mind as a worthwhile investment that has long-term potential. Double glazing helps homes cut heat loss, meaning you won’t need to turn up the heating to keep your home warm. The basic structure of the double glazing unit allows [...]


Double glazing UK homes this winter

The thought of double glazing may cross your mind when the temperature drops and you wonder if your old windows really are as efficient as they once were. Instead of investing in new double glazing or secondary double glazing, a lot of people just turn up the heat on their boiler. This not only wastes [...]


Insulate with double glazing to avoid fuel poverty worries

With the rising prices of gas and electricity combined with green taxes, it’s been revealed that one in four homes will struggle to keep warm this winter. There are already five million homes in Britain currently in fuel poverty because of rising energy prices. The fear is that many households may be forced into the [...]


Energy efficient double glazing for the whole home

So far November hasn’t seen the UK’s temperature fall drastically as expected. It’s usually this time of the year that we turn our heating on and wrap up warm to go outside. But temperatures have stayed above the average, and many people are pointing to climate change as a reason. Having an environmentally friendly home [...]


Governments Energy Bill to boost double glazing in the UK

Britain’s double glazing industry has been given a boost after it was confirmed the Energy Bill would be passed in this country. The Energy Bill was first mentioned in the spring, and when it’s introduced homes around the UK will be forced to make ‘green’ changes. And double glazing is one of the most environmentally [...]


Insulate with double glazing for the winter

In the winter you waste a lot more money on energy bills to keep your home warm, and you?ll pay even more if your property?s not insulated properly. In fact, in the colder months you could be spending up to 40% more on energy because the heat is escaping the house though the walls and [...]


Reduce your bills with double glazing in the winter

With winter fast approaching you may want to start looking at double glazing as a viable option to insulating your home. Over the colder months you?ll need to turn up the thermostat, which will bump up your energy bills. And with the UK?s energy suppliers raising gas and electricity prices, it could prove quite costly. [...]


Benefits of Double Glazing: Noise Reduction

For many people, energy efficiency and saving money is the first and most enticing benefit to double glazing. However, if you live in a particularly noisy area; on a main road, city centre or under a flight path, the noise reduction qualities of double glazing may well be the main attraction. Noise reduction although crucial [...]