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Double glazed energy efficient doors hit the market

The first energy rated doors have been launched just weeks after the British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC) introduced the Door Efficiency Ratings (DER) scheme. Door-Stop is the company to bring energy efficient doors to market, and all their doors are registered under the scheme’s criteria. Included are French, external pedestrian, folding and sliding doors. And [...]


uPVC doors bring a number of benefits to your home

In the UK, housing estates have been springing up all over the place. And the majority of these houses have uPVC front doors. It?s not just at the front either. They?ll more than likely have uPVC doors fitted at the back of the property too. This is because uPVC doors have a number of qualities [...]


Choosing The Right Front Door

Picking a new front door for your home is a decision that shouldn?t be taken lightly. It?s the first thing you see when you enter the property and the last thing you see when you leave. Therefore, you want something that fits in well with the style of the rest of the house. You also [...]


Door Security

On the frontline defence of any home security setup is the front door and back door.? If you think about it, door security can be a tricky area to get right.? On one hand, it?s a real inconvenience having to waste time unbolting a number of ugly locks, but then again you don?t want to [...]


Replacing Double Glazing For A Cat Flap

Cat flaps are most commonly located in the bottom panel of a kitchen door that leads outside. In practicality it is the most convenient place, and there are no problems with heat loss or leaks when it?s cold or raining. Ideal doors have a bottom panel of roughly 2ft x 2ft in which to fit [...]


Tips for Buying Double Glazed Doors

Buying double glazed doors can be a daunting process, especially when talking to various door installers and suppliers.? With a constantly expanding range of styles and materials on the market, variations in door security options and government regulations, buying double glazed doors can be a complicated business. It needn?t be! At we recognise the [...]


Double Glazed French Windows & Doors

French doors add a sense of style to the home and as they don?t particularly provide much privacy, they?re purely a fashion accessory. French doors are traditionally made from hardwood. Exterior French doors tend to be doubled paned to provide extra insulation, while having a decorative grille embedded between the two sets of glass. It [...]


The Humble Back Door

Can you believe that one of the most popular items on e-bay is the modest back door? Seriously, I fib not ? but as much as I love the idea that someone somewhere out there is packing up their back door as I type, wrapping it in brown paper and carefully sticking on one enormous [...]


New or Replacement Windows and Doors?

Well it?s not quite that drastic, but in order to keep in line with government legislation it?s important that all new or replacement double glazing installations are carried out to a standard that ensures the highest environmental benefits. Professionally installed double glazed windows and doors have a significant impact on your homes carbon footprint, its [...]