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Secondary glazing and its benefits

For most people, double glazing is a great option to insulate their windows. Double glazed units give homeowners a number a benefits including cuts in their energy bills and reduced carbon emissions. This is because the unit is designed to retain heat with two panes of glass separated by an energy efficient gas, such as [...]


Silicone Sealants for Aluminium, Wooden and uPVC Windows

Sealants are great at preventing the penetration of noise, dust, air and gas and are usually used to fill in small openings. Typically, sealants are used for concrete and drywall, but are just as effective with other materials such as uPVC. Fundamentally, no single silicone type should be used for everything. The problem is, their [...]


Answering the Improve or Move debate with Double Glazing

A study conducted by Which? in 2010 revealed that over the previous 12 months the typical spend on home improvements had increased by ?1,000. It appears home owners are answering the Improve or Move debate with their wallets and deciding to make the most of where they are. There are many UPVC products that can [...]


Replacing Double Glazing For A Cat Flap

Cat flaps are most commonly located in the bottom panel of a kitchen door that leads outside. In practicality it is the most convenient place, and there are no problems with heat loss or leaks when it?s cold or raining. Ideal doors have a bottom panel of roughly 2ft x 2ft in which to fit [...]


Do It Yourself Double Glazing … Really?

Surely double glazing installation isn?t something that just anyone would have a stab at??unbelievably, yes it is! It seems that desperate times call for desperate measures and the? recession has led to a noticeable increase in DIY home improvements, including the fitting of double glazed windows and doors. Research shows that DIY enthusiast?s are attempting [...]