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Double glazing to cut your energy bill burden

Double glazing is a proven insulation that retains heat in your home and reduces your energy bills. At a time when we’re all looking to cut our spending, double glazing is an obvious choice that’ll last for years. This year the UK has seen a rise in gas and electricity prices, with major suppliers blaming [...]


Tips for buying double glazing for your home

Installing new windows in your home is a great way of becoming energy efficient and reducing your energy bills. And for most people, double glazing is a very suitable and worthwhile choice. Double glazing units insulate your home, whilst reducing noise pollution and increasing the security of your property. Old windows will let in draughts [...]


Replace your inefficient windows with double glazing

As winter sets in, it’s the time of the year that we start to use the most energy in our homes. But for homeowners turning up the heating to keep their homes warm there’s another option - double glazing. Windows are imperative to how much heat your home loses throughout the year, and inefficient panes [...]


Understanding your double glazing Window Energy Rating

Inefficient windows can lose up to 18% of a home’s heat, which wastes a lot of money on energy bills as people turn the heat up rather than replace with efficient double glazing units. But if you’ve taken the decision to install double glazing you may have seen the Window Energy Rating (WER) and wondered [...]


Double glazing UK homes this winter

The thought of double glazing may cross your mind when the temperature drops and you wonder if your old windows really are as efficient as they once were. Instead of investing in new double glazing or secondary double glazing, a lot of people just turn up the heat on their boiler. This not only wastes [...]


Insulate with double glazing to avoid fuel poverty worries

With the rising prices of gas and electricity combined with green taxes, it’s been revealed that one in four homes will struggle to keep warm this winter. There are already five million homes in Britain currently in fuel poverty because of rising energy prices. The fear is that many households may be forced into the [...]


What is double glazing and its benefits?

Double glazing is something all homes in the UK should be fitted with, to ensure homeowners aren’t wasting money on bills. Double glazing is environmentally friendly as it reduces the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere, and therefore helps prevent global warming. But how does this work? A double glazed unit is made [...]


Secondary glazing and its benefits

For most people, double glazing is a great option to insulate their windows. Double glazed units give homeowners a number a benefits including cuts in their energy bills and reduced carbon emissions. This is because the unit is designed to retain heat with two panes of glass separated by an energy efficient gas, such as [...]


Energy efficient double glazing for the whole home

So far November hasn’t seen the UK’s temperature fall drastically as expected. It’s usually this time of the year that we turn our heating on and wrap up warm to go outside. But temperatures have stayed above the average, and many people are pointing to climate change as a reason. Having an environmentally friendly home [...]