If you own a property, it’s highly likely that you’re going to want to make enhancements eventually.

Windows are a common thing for homeowners to alter, whether it’s to repair, replace or move them.

However prior to you making any modifications to your windows, you have to make sure that the work you’re going to do will adhere to any current regulations. One set of these is planning regulations.

Continue reading to learn more about planning permission and whether you might require it for your window work.

Exactly what is planning permission?

Preparation authorization is something you might have to acquire before you do specific kinds of building work. To get planning permission you require to apply to your local planning authority.

When your local planning authority receives your application, their first port of call will be to check whether the work you desire to do needs planning permission. If it does not then they’ll let you know and you can get on with the work. If you do require planning approval, your local authority will have to decide on whether to offer it to you. They’ll use regional and nationwide preparation files to assist them in making this choice.

Whether you get planning permission or not will usually relate to the size and look of whatever you’re planning to build or modify. Your local planning authority will likewise consider its access, usage and if it will impact neighbours.

Do I need planning approval for window work?

You do not typically have to make an application for planning approval for window work if you want to:

  • Repair or make small enhancements to existing windows
  • Install new windows that look comparable to the property’s original windows

You also do not typically need to get planning permission if you’re installing new roofing lights or skylights as long as:

  • They aren’t higher than the highest part of the roof
  • They don’t protrude more than 15cm from the roof

You must make certain that upper-floor or roof windows on the side of your home are obscure-glazed, and either non-opening or no greater than 1.7 metres from the flooring level.

You might need to request planning permission if:

  • You wish to fit a brand-new bay window
  • Your property is listed
  • Your property is on designated land. This consists of conservation areas, national parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and World Heritage Sites

How can I check if I require planning approval or apply for it?

If you wish to check if you require planning consent, you can get guidance from your local planning authority. Their contact details will be readily available on their site. If you’re uncertain who your local planning authority is, you can use the Planning Portal’s convenient tool to find out.

You can also make a planning permission application through the Planning Website.

So now you know about planning permission and whether you require it for your window work. Ready to start your project? Fill out our quick and easy form to get up to 4 quotes from trusted window installers.

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