3 Steps to Picking Your Ideal Windows

There is such a large variety of different windows around that picking the ideal ones can be a tricky task. However, it is vital to get windows that suit you and your home so they're worth the time and money. There are two main things that you have to choose when picking new windows: material [...]

Why You Should Install Solar Control Glazing

Glass intensifies heat from the sun. This can make spaces with lots of windows hot and uncomfortable. Solar control glazing is a specialised type of glass designed to alleviate this problem. Solar control glazing has been around for some time but is mostly found in commercial buildings. Today, it’s much cheaper than it used to [...]

Glazed Extensions: the New Space Solution

Adding an extension is something that property owners are doing more and more. As house prices climb, people are struggling to afford to upgrade to bigger homes so are remaining in the same property for longer. Building an extension has multiple advantages. Not only does it add to the amount of space you have in [...]

Double Glazing: Your Rights

When you buy double glazing, you are protected by laws from the minute you sign a contract with a business. So if something does go wrong, you can really feel protected in the understanding that you have rights. We're going to go through some of those rights you have when you purchase double glazing. But [...]

6 Things you Should ask Double Glazing Installers

If you're thinking about having new windows fitted, you need to get in touch with a number of double glazing installers and ask them to quote. You're more likely to get the best deal if you get a variety of quotes, and you will also feel safe in the knowledge that you've checked out the [...]

Your Double Glazing FAQs

Most of us have heard of double glazing, but many of us know exactly what it is? We've answered some of the leading double glazing queries to help you understand how it functions. There are five things it is vital to know if you want to understand double glazing. Whether it is the type of [...]

How would an energy efficiency tariff affect you?

Energy efficiency has become a leading factor in the sale of properties, with many potential buyers keen to reduce their bills. Improving this efficiency of homes can be achieved in a number of ways, from insulating the walls and loft, to installing a replacement boiler or double glazing. And now, environmental think tank Green Alliance [...]

Energy price hikes leaves door open for double glazed windows

Double glazed windows are one of the most important features in modern properties, helping to keep energy bills down and ensuring your home stays warm throughout winter. And now double glazed units are even more important. Leading energy provider Centrica has raised its gas and electricity prices once again, leaving homeowners with more financial misery [...]

Reduce your energy bills with double glazing

Rising energy costs have become a serious problem in the UK and many homeowners are struggling with monthly payments, something double glazing can help out with. This winter the major energy companies will once again raise their prices, leaving homeowners in the cold unless they can afford to spend more on their bills. And much [...]

Five reasons to invest in double glazed windows

You may think it’s difficult to find trusted double glazed windows installers and you’re worried about being ripped off by cowboy traders. But there are many reputable companies out there who will do a fantastic job and our service allows you access to the very best in the trade. Below you’ll find five reasons to [...]